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Feb 17, 2013 (last update: Mar 2, 2013)

Subnet Calculator

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If you want to determine the hosts per subnet for an IP address or see the binary representation of a subnet mask, IP class, and any other subnetting details, then this program will work great for you.

Download: [Source code (.cpp) and Executable in .zip file] or [Just Source Code (.cpp)]

Attached below, is the source code for a fully functioning subnet calculator I created for easy determination of subnet details needed when in any IT college class or IT related networking position. It's accurate and functional, so please feel free to use it.

Features of Subnet Calculator:

a.) Take a user IP Address and Subnet Mask
b.) Determine IP Address Class, as well as Private and Reserved address spaces.
c.) Shows Binary representation of both IP and Subnet Mask, stacked
d.) Shows the Network ID
e.) Shows the Network Increment value
f.) Shows usable host addresses for each subnet
g.) Shows amount of usable hosts per subnet
h.) Shows amount of subnets available for that each IP Class

Thanks to:

- Chervil

Download: [Source code (.cpp) and Executable in .zip file] or [Just Source Code (.cpp)]

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