<ios> <iostream>


typedef basic_ios<char> ios;
Base class for streams (type-dependent components)

Base class for all stream classes using narrow characters (of type char)

This is an instantiation of basic_ios with the following template parameters:
template parameterdefinitioncomments
charTcharAliased as member char_type
traitschar_traits<char>Aliased as member traits_type

Both this class and its parent class, ios_base, define the components of streams that do not depend on whether the stream is an input or an output stream. ios_base describes the members that are independent of the template parameters, while this one describes the members that are dependent on the template parameters.

The class adds to the information kept by its inherited ios_base component, the following:

fieldmember functionsdescription
Formattingfill characterfillCharacter to pad a formatted field up to the field width (width).
Stateerror staterdstate
The current error state of the stream.
Individual values may be obtained by calling good, eof, fail and bad.
See member type iostate.
exception maskexceptionsThe state flags for which a failure exception is thrown.
See member type iostate.
Othertied streamtiePointer to output stream that is flushed before each i/o operation on this stream.
stream bufferrdbufPointer to the associated streambuf object, which is charge of all input/output operations.

Member types

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Along with the member types inherited from ios_base:

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State flag functions:



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