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template <class X> class auto_ptr;
Automatic Pointer [deprecated]
Note: This class template is deprecated as of C++11. unique_ptr is a new facility with a similar functionality, but with improved security (no fake copy assignments), added features (deleters) and support for arrays. See unique_ptr for additional information.

This class template provides a limited garbage collection facility for pointers, by allowing pointers to have the elements they point to automatically destroyed when the auto_ptr object is itself destroyed.

auto_ptr objects have the peculiarity of taking ownership of the pointers assigned to them: An auto_ptr object that has ownership over one element is in charge of destroying the element it points to and to deallocate the memory allocated to it when itself is destroyed. The destructor does this by calling operator delete automatically.

Therefore, no two auto_ptr objects should own the same element, since both would try to destruct them at some point. When an assignment operation takes place between two auto_ptr objects, ownership is transferred, which means that the object losing ownership is set to no longer point to the element (it is set to the null pointer).

Template parameters

The type of the managed object, aliased as member type element_type.

Member types

The following alias is a member type of auto_ptr.

member typedefinitionnotes
element_typeclass template parameter (X)The type of the managed object

Member functions