typedef subtract_with_carry_engine <uint_fast64_t, 48, 5, 12> ranlux48_base;
Ranlux 48 base generator
A subtract-with-carry pseudo-random generator of 48-bit numbers, generally used as the base engine for the ranlux48 generator.

It is an instantiation of the subtract_with_carry_engine with the following template parameters:
UIntTyperesult typeuint_fast64_t
wword size48
sshort lag5
rlong lag12

Member types

The following alias is a member type of ranlux48_base:

member typedefinitionnotes
result_typeuint_fast64_tThe type of the numbers generated.

Member functions

As a subtract_with_carry_engine type, it has the following member functions:

Non-member functions

As a subtract_with_carry_engine type, the following operator overloads may be applied to it:

Member constexpr constants

member constantdefinitionnotes
word_size48The number of bits of each word in the state sequence.
short_lag5The short lag value.
long_lag12The long lag value.
default_seed19780503uThe default seed used on construction or seeding.

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