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Bio:As of summer 2015
- Learning C++ on and off since summer of 2013.
- Also know a good bit of Python and Java (eww, Java).
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DMA using new[] and delete[]
Trying to deference a deleted array is undefined behavior - it [i]could[/i] work, or it could cause ...

bytes to megabyte conversion
You need C++11 for trunc. Compile with [code]-std=c++11[/code] or [code]-std=c++0x[/code] Also just ...

If statement help.
[code]else if (stateArray[i] != "texas" || stateArray[i] != "Texas")[/code] That will always be true...

Strangest Programming glitches
So do games like that basically have to re-invent <cmath> to avoid floating point calculations?

Strangest Programming glitches
[quote] floating points suck and should be avoided like the plague.[/quote] This doesn't make any se...