class template

std::chrono::common_type (duration)

template <class Rep1, class Period1, class Rep2, class Period2>
class common_type<chrono::duration<Rep1,Period1>,chrono::duration<Rep2,Period2>>;
Specialization of common_type for duration
This is a specialization of the standard traits class common_type. It defines the most precise duration type between its two template arguments.

The default definition returns a duration type with common_type<Rep1,Rep2> as its first template argument and the greatest common divisor of Period1 and Period2 as its second template argument.

A custom count representation type can provide its own specialization of this template.

Template parameters

Rep1, Rep2
Count representation types.
These can either be arithmetic types, or classes emulating an arithmetic type.
Period1, Period2
Instantiations of the ratio class template that represent the count period in seconds.

Member types

member typedefinition
typeThe most precise duration common type.