class high_resolution_clock;
High resolution clock
The members of clock classes provide access to the current time_point.

high_resolution_clock is the clock with the shortest tick period. It may be a synonym for system_clock or steady_clock.

Clock properties

highest precision
It is the clock type with the highest precision.

Member types

The following aliases are member types of high_resolution_clock:

member typedefinitionnotes
repAn arithmetic type (or a class that emulates it)Used to store a count of periods.
periodA ratio typeRepresents the length of a period in seconds.
durationduration<rep,period>The clock's duration type.
time_pointtime_point<high_resolution_clock>The clock's time_point type.

Member constants

member constantdefinition
is_steadya bool value specifying whether the clock always advances, and whether it does at a steady state relative to physical time.

Static member functions

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