How to Make a Game 2

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That's good :)
At some point you could learn some other programming languages, to broaden your mind. If you're into game development, I would recommend Python and Lua as they are both commonly used. I advise you to get a strong grip on C++ before you learn anything else, though, as one of the mistakes I made was to try and learn several different languages at random points. Now I'm somewhat proficient in four languages (C, C#, C++ and Python) and much less so in the other ones I know (Perl, PHP, assembly).
Thank you for your valuable help
When is How to Make a Game 3 going to be written?
I myself am having big problems with the design side and I don't mean artwork but OOP. Some tips and tricks for that would surely fill up an article.
Number 2 was just a rewrite of Number 1 because we ran out of space ;)

If you want help with a particular aspect of your design (e.g. structure for your class hierarchy), you could just make a thread on that topic.
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