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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Strangest Programming glitches
I would like to share my experience and would like to hear if anyone else has had funny/annoying gli...
[9 replies] Last: So do games like that basically have to re-invent <cmath> to avoid flo... (by Ganado)
by axtyax
Books for c++?
I'm working towards being an expert in c++, and It would be really nice if there was a c++ book that...
[2 replies] Last: LOL. https://xkcd.com/716/ (by Duoas)
Any "modern" advanced C++ book/ebook/pdf?
Hey, Does anyone know some advanced modern C++ programming books/ebooks/pdf? I've nearly read al...
[2 replies] Last: Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers (by ResidentBiscuit)
by helios
Do you cycle to work? (1,2)
If not, you should try it. * It's great exercise, particularly if you can find a good route. * I...
[25 replies] Last: dont cycle but it would be good... (by jeckblack)
What do you on your spare time when you're not programming?
I'll start I like to hang out with my family and play family board games! But I usually program ever...
[10 replies] Last: Eat Try and learn more about programming Sleep (by chowmein)
3D OpenGL Tutorial
Hi guys and girls, its been quite a while since I posted but I've been a bit busy. So, I'm trying to...
[15 replies] Last: OpenGL 1.1 is 18 years old. woopsy ! I said my ears are wet :)... (by chowmein)
Is Anyone Participating in "The Week of Awesome III"
Link: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/668847-the-week-of-awesome-iii-the-third-annual-unofficial-gamede...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah, that's it in a nutshell from my understanding. I guess it doesn... (by Avilius)
by Ganado
Come and talk about your latest dumb mistake!
So luckily I only wasted 30 minutes this time solving a bug where it turns out I did a - b instead o...
[3 replies] Last: Probably not the latest one, but: const double cm_per_sec = SPEED_COE... (by MiiNiPaa)
Rest in peace Maxim Shemanarev
I recently discovered his outstanding work: http://www.antigrain.com/ For some reason he aband...
[3 replies] Last: @Duoas You should find out who has authority over his estate, and ask... (by coder777)
by Filorn
searching ide
Hi, now i'm using dev c++ for coding but i heard there are some new IDE for coding, like visual c++....
[7 replies] Last: Hi, I like QtCreator - there is an entire framework there that has al... (by TheIdeasMan)
by knn9
Third week of record breaking heat...
Global warming is real, man. We're going on the third week of triple digit heat here in Washington s...
[15 replies] Last: To add to OP's mention of Washington State's record high, Britain rece... (by chowmein)
New C++ tutorial for beginners - opinions wanted!
Hello! I was thinking that there are no really good C++ tutorials for total beginners, so I decid...
[8 replies] Last: Yes, for the time being, the tutorials are assuming Visual Studio 2013... (by Kevin C)
What job do you have/ want to have?
right now i'm still in school nut when I leave it'll be the army for me! infantry officer hopefully ...
[10 replies] Last: What manner of manner of men are these who wear the red beret? They ha... (by chowmein)
need linux hosting with centos dedicated server
Hey guys, new to the forum, having some issues and would appreciate some help. I've been hosting my...
[2 replies] Last: I'm not familiar with goDaddy but for your particular web hosting need... (by chowmein)
Ban the user above you 2015 (1,2,3,...,11,12,13,14)
This a game, I have found it popular on other forums. Here are the rules: You must ban or not ban t...
[268 replies] Last: Unban James27 because he is a tender soul. (by chowmein)
What is made in c++?
What are some popular games made in c++ (Pc, lunix, mac, computer games in general). Thanks! :)
[2 replies] Last: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_programming#Programming_languages (by Homberto)
Creating a C++ class for Highschoolers
So I just got hired to become a highschool teacher at my local highschool. I have to make 5 clas...
[2 replies] Last: Does it have to be a traditional class? My high school CS professor ju... (by LB)
after school learning
Hello I just finished my 1st year of computer programming, and I'm worried about not retaining what ...
[7 replies] Last: I use code academy - http://www.codecademy.com/ - a friend recommended... (by chowmein)
by Duoas
More FAQ updates (1,2,3,4)
I finally have some time to hammer out some of the FAQs. http://www.cplusplus.com/faq/beginners/e...
[64 replies] Last: Re: small set approach It depends on where you wish to offload process... (by Duoas)
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