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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
[120 replies] Last: It displayed "Hello world" after you pressed Enter. int c is a ... (by Duoas)
DMA using new[] and delete[]
I've been trying to get the hang of dynamically allocated memory in C++. To test things, I created a...
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by cGuru
Error: Expected A ";" On Class Object Declaration Line
I do not think that I am actually missing a ";" because when I comment out the declaration line it d...
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Guys! anong magandang strategy para makapagtapos ka magcode ng 1 hourlang?
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bytes to megabyte conversion
I got some of this figured out but I need the result to read 49.9 how could I do that? doubl...
[6 replies] Last: You need C++11 for trunc. Compile with -std=c++11 or -std=c++0x Al... (by Ganado)
Visual Studio
I have spent the last 7 hours trying to get the SDL library to work for my Visual Studio. And I have...
[4 replies] Last: Step by step tutorials here - from setting it up in Visual Studio to p... (by shawnlau)
If statement help.
Ok So I need help with the very last part of my code. Basically what the overall code is supposed to...
[5 replies] Last: else if (stateArray != "texas" || stateArray != "Texas") That will... (by Ganado)
by Filorn
ordering algorithm
I'm writing an ordering algorithm for a defined 10-elements array but it doesn't work. The array is ...
[2 replies] Last: The first thing I notice is that your swap function does not work. yo... (by Gamer2015)
Code::Blocks CRASH!!!
I have a huge problem with code blocks. Recently, I uninstalled code blocks. I couldn't find the ...
[5 replies] Last: I tried deleting default.conf, but now it says the compiler that was p... (by IceStorm)
Trouble with searching for strings in code
Im working on a code that asks the user to enter a line of text and a word they would like the code ...
[3 replies] Last: Is counting "the" in "thethethethe" esp. useful? The spaces allow us t... (by andywestken)
my count_if() implementation doesnt work
Hi, I'm having trouble understanding 1 thing so here it is! 1. I created my count_if function ...
[3 replies] Last: Ohh, thanks guys so much :) (by etrusks)
get() is reading double digit as individual digits
For example: 1, 5, 12, 8 val1 = f1.get(); f1Vector.push_back(atoi(val1.c_str())); It's read...
[1 reply] : The get() function reads one character . If you want to read numbers... (by Peter87)
Reading binary data in human readable format
Hi, I'm new to C++ and I'm trying to read various amounts of binary data from a file. I'm reading th...
[4 replies] Last: Hi Andy Thanks for the lead. I'll look into it in more detail. Doesn'... (by andrebruton)
need help with using rng and returning strings from functions
every time i run this code it skips to the part where it prompts the user if they would like to go a...
[1 reply] : string USER_VS_COMPUTER (string RNG_GUESS()); Declare USER_VS_COMP... (by MiiNiPaa)
It's almost perfect but I noticed that there is one bug. Whenever I choose to not sign up, type rand...
[11 replies] Last: I removed do { } while (yes != 1); and added const unsigned short Agel... (by DCisthebest)
Use of cin to enter value pairs into STL map
How do you write a function that reads value pairs from cin and places them in map msi? // C21Dr...
[1 reply] : std::map< std::string, int > read_map( std::istream& stm = std::cin )... (by JLBorges)
Sorting my second array?
Hello everyone, I have a program that reads from a text file and into two arrays, one array has ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> // return the position of the ... (by JLBorges)
by Kenota
Writing code for Rock, Paper, Scissors game.
So I've been teaching myself to code for the past three days and have hit a road block in my code. W...
[2 replies] Last: @Kenota Here is your program, shortened. And it can be compressed eve... (by whitenite1)
by tcanna
Geologic Time (enum)
I am working with Visual Studio 2010 and I am getting error codes for the equas sign indicated in th...
[10 replies] Last: So, I finished it off and I used a random number generator so it can p... (by tcanna)
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