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Hello everyone, I am in my second C++ programming class. This class is really condensed and fast paced, I'm already having a tough time understanding some of the coding.
The first course was all about implement code with C++ control structures used for decisions and iteration, including: if, while, do-while, for, and switch. This I understand but still a little slow.

The new class examines data structures including arrays, structures, linked lists, queues, stacks, file organization along with file processing and algorithms used in problem solving.

Money is tight nowadays, so I can't afford a lot. I would greatly appreciate any help I could get through this course. Thank you.

I've been tutoring people for over a year now, and I'm very confident that I can help you learn C++ - especially with those topics that you're dealing with.

For rates, I can go less than $10/hour. We can discuss what works best for you :)

Here is some of my work - ongoing - in tutoring:

If you feel that I can help you, email me at: sparkprogrammer@gmail.com

i can teach all aspects of C++ to you!
you can contact me through skype:
or by using email:
I can help you.
First of all we have to start from basic.
My Skype id is jimmy.hjk9.
Contact me by Skype.
Thank Jimmy. You are so helpful. I like to see such helpful persons.
Thanks Jimmy,
I tried your Skype ID and it wasn't listed. Is there any other way of contacting you?
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