How to promote a tool for developers

Hi all,

I have developed a tool for Visual C++ developers (check it at, but I have a very little traffic.

How to advertise it with no money or with a little money?

I've tried newsletter and banners option on codeproject. Costly but without success. Stackoverflow banners are not cheap as well. They have sponsored tags option, but the price starts from $5k.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
I would get rid of the testimonials. Without real people backing them, they just look fraudulent.
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Have you made video tutorials? If people could see how it worked and how to use it, I bet it would be a lot more compelling. Start a YouTube channel for it, and have a video on the main page (not autoplay, though).
If it's practical, try and attend C++ conventions, and do a presentation on your utility.
There is a saturation of dev tools available both licensed and free. It is difficult to separate yourself from the pack. The sad truth is there are no cheap, easy and effective ways to promote a product. The only way to get your name out there is hard work or deep pockets.
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