questions about some C++ library functions

I use gcc/g++ to compile my c++ program on ubuntu.
I have confusion about some underlying functions.
Which library provides the implementation of __cxa_atexit?
Which library provides the implementation of vectors, cin and cout?
More general, how can I find which library provide implementation of a specific function?
Thanks a lot.
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I would look on this very site under reference.
I cannot find any reference to those functions.
It looks like those are very compiler specific functions (under Linux, it depends on gcc).
But I am not sure.
Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot
I was referring to vectors, cin, and cout: Look here: - 3rd answer
I know cin/cout are within iostream.
Its possible that vectors are a standard c++ type, but im really not sure.

EDIT: vectors have their own standard library called "vector"
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