Need to read graphic interface, please help new guy :D

Hey guys, i am glad i found this community and i hope i will learn a lot from you. I got some programming knowledge (university first two courses so i am not total newb) but i didnt knew c++ can read graphic interface.

Basically what i need is to read a webcam with black background and measure width of white pipe, so how would you do this ? Can you write a program that will read values in cm or mm or w/e then perform certain actions based on those readings ? Can i sample the color from the screen directly and translate it to black, and sample the pipe for white. How does c++ recognize colors ?

How would you go about that measuring. Split the screen in 1000 parts and say if equivalent of the pipe in 3cm is 47 parts of the screen and measure it like that ?

Just drop me some simple code, what libraries should i call and some thoughts overall on how would you do this. First time poster here but i really hope i will learn a lot from you guys.
Ah come on guys, nothing ?
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