Profile Tile bitmap is damaged?

I'm trying to use the user's profile image -- which for testing is my own (custom) profile image. I remember setting it up -- I supplied a straight-forward png (or bmp, I can't remember which now) to the system and it generated a .bmp file:


(just where it should be)

Only, my attempts to load it with software produce an image that is offset wildly. I've used three different software packages to try to load this thing now, and it still comes out shifted.

Irfanview and GIMP have no problem opening the file correctly.

Which means that I'm probably going to have to write something that's going to manually load the image myself. (Fooey!)

So my question is...
why is this so? Does the system create bad profile "tile" images?

[edit] And what does Irfanview/GIMP do to recognize and fix the error? [/edit]

Because this is really putting a damper on doing something that should be simple and pretty...
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