MFC Dialog Based Application

Completely new to C++ and have been given a task that includes creating an application that uses CString data from a completely separate .h file.
The CStrings consist of info that I need to be able to copy to the clipboard, then be able to paste that text into word etc. I have set up a button in the application so when that button is pressed it executes what I want it to do (read the CString data and copy it to the clipboard).
For a person of my skill level this is difficult and my colleagues do not have the time to support me on this learning project so I thought I could get some advice and pointers here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an apprentice working in software for 2 months.

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I can help you write data directly into Word, if that would help. I've never used the clipboard programatically (I'm a bit embarressed to admit), so if you indeed want to go that route perhaps somebody else could help.
Try checking for reference info on how to program clipboard
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