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Hi guys, i've been using C++ for a bit now and i want to start making more useful programs. I saw someone making this program on youtube, but he did not explain anything. It was literally just a copy and paste my source code, and besides he did not know what he was writing either. Anyways, he used some terms that i really want some in depth noob friendly explanation for, if there is a page for any of these terms, please let me know.. and also, are these terms in the Windows.h Library?
So heres some of the terms

There is alot more terms then that, but if all those terms are related to a page, please link me to it so i can learn this!
Thanks guys :)
for some of these types check out the following page
Thank you

Yes, they're windows.h related.

The first three are data types: [1]
DWORD->unsigned long
HWND->Window Handle
HANDLE->Generic Handle

The fourth is most likely the value returned by CreateToolhelp32Snapshot() [4]
Which is then used in one of the other Tool Help Library Functions. [5]

The fifth is a structure: [2]
PROCESSENTRY32->Structure Used For The Tool Help Library [3]

If you're just starting windows programming, you should take a look at this:
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