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HELP! Data structures
Hello, so i need quick help with putting stuff in order. i have a text file: 6 v k 250 m k 280 v...
[6 replies] Last: if(A .kaina>A .kaina) { std::swap(A , A ... (by coder777)
My code do this ex1 txt1 line 1 txt2 line1 out put line 1 is ok but if I have txt1 line ...
[3 replies] Last: You get the duplicates due to this: while (!input.eof()) { getline(... (by coder777)
How to increase range in C++?
Hello, everyone. I thought a lot about increasing the range of integer manually (The long long int ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I'll see what I can learn... Maybe I need to use string to hol... (by PSYCHAMERON)
Blackjack-Strategy tables
I think I've found a neat way to give my BJ game computer players different strategies without a lot...
[1 reply] : What is your problem? It seems to work? (by coder777)
Magic Square Program
What am i doing wrong? Why is it not reading in correctly? I get a negative value. Write a progra...
[3 replies] Last: So you have checked that the actual text file is spelled that way? We... (by CodeWriter)
Help with finding length of an array
Hey guys/gals, I'm trying to find the length of an array. The code that I have written up thus ...
[4 replies] Last: Yes, it would be a good idea to keep counter denoting how much element... (by MiiNiPaa)
by eons93
Combat simulator game problem II
And for once its not an error question. Right now i've run into a problem. As you can see, when the ...
[3 replies] Last: Something like this, perhaps: #include <iostream> #include <vector> ... (by JLBorges)
If you take a look at line 22, there is a bit of code, "Base &rBase = cDerived;". When I leave out t...
[2 replies] Last: @Disch Awesome. Thank you so much for your response. It makes much mo... (by jhykima)
Finding a member in a struct
How do you find a member in a vector of a struct? I want to find a particular member name. After I...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you all. I tried the three solutions, and all three work. I ca... (by phztfte1)
by Kew
expected unqualified-id in simple guess number game
I am trying to write a Guess number which generate a number for player to guess until the player get...
[6 replies] Last: Thank You very much, i got it! (by Kew)
Code won't write to file
Can someone give me an idea of why my code won't write to the file SORTED.TXT? It successfully creat...
[9 replies] Last: Ok that looks like the data a previous poster was using for working ou... (by CodeWriter)
Plinko program - error with random
Hi, I'm working on a plinko (from the price is right) simulator for my intro to computer programming...
[2 replies] Last: Awesome, thanks! Problem's fixed now (by brachburton1)
Reading .txt file
So I am writing code which should read a .txt file and use the users input to find various things. I...
[1 reply] : Add this after your open function if (!din) { cout << "Error: Co... (by Ganado)
input validation loops?
Hello everyone, I have a program that is supposed to read from a text file into two arrays. The user...
[11 replies] Last: Thank you for clarifying that. I like the way you separated the validi... (by jpanther)
How to overload a function?
Below I have marked where I am getting an issue on calling my getter function. I was told that I nee...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you so much! Will mark it as solved :) (by Outlaw782)
how do I use static casting in my calculator?
Ok I have a calculator to build for my project. I have it working like a charm. However the requirem...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you that worked. (by ironsoldier71)
Pointer to pointer (Linked List)
I don't understand how the push function really works. Why do i need a pointer to pointer? And why d...
[1 reply] : A function parameter is either by value or by reference . A by valu... (by keskiverto)
by Filorn
important question
I'm a student and i just studied the malloc, realloc, free, memset functions but i didn't understan...
[1 reply] : You do not have to use them if you do not need to. It is just a tool... (by MiiNiPaa)
by h4ever
fatal error CVT1100: duplicate resource. type:ICON, name:1
I cannot find why I cannot load icon. CVTRES : fatal error CVT1100: duplicate resource. type:ICON...
[1 reply] : I solved the problem. I had two rc files including icons. I have tak... (by h4ever)
Discrete distribution
Hello, I am trying to implement the example found here:
[8 replies] Last: This worked. Thank you very much! (by vadkortefa)
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