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Where can I get a full list of all the functions that "#include <windows.h>" has?
I went to the reference page but i couldn't find a list of functions that are included in #include <...
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by Inrush
Combine WinPcap-packages
I have developed an application that uses WinPcap to capture packages from a TCP/IP connection. This...
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How get status print spool driver
Hi! I am developing print spool driver for serial printer, utlizando WinWDK 7600. Which source f...
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Convert UTC to local time using SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime?
I have an epoc UTC time 1432743742 that represents Wed, 27 May 2015 16:22:22. (See http://www.epo...
[1 reply] : The standard library provides everthing you need to deal with date/tim... (by coder777)
by cali
Acting on the value of EXIF metadata
Hi, I'm trying to read the DateTaken EXIF tag from an image file, to then have conditionals depend ...
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Context Sensitive Help Visual Studio 2013
Microsoft have very kindly supplied a FREE version of Visual Studio Community 2013. In a previous r...
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by joe7
CreateDIBSection question
This isn't really a major problem but I'm trying to learn something here... My application uses t...
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