class money_base;
Base class for moneypunct
This is not a facet type, but the base class that defines the part and pattern member type to be inherited by moneypunct facet classes.

It is defined as:
class money_base {
  enum part { none, space, symbol, sign, value };
  struct pattern { char field[4]; };

Member types

member typedescription
partAn enum type whose values are used to set each of the elements of a pattern
patternAn array of four char elements, specifically designed to contain four part values

Member constants

member constanttypevaluerepresentationnotes
nonemoney_base::part0Nothing. Can be expanded to whitespaces (unless it is the last specifier)cannot be be the first specifier
spacemoney_base::part1At least one white space, but can be expanded to more can neither be the first nor last specifier
symbolmoney_base::part2Currency symbol
signmoney_base::part3Positive or negative sign
valuemoney_base::part4The numerical value of the monetary expression
Each pattern contains either one space element or one none element and exactly one of each of the others (symbol, sign and value) in some unspecified order that depends on the locale.

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