class template


template <class charT> class numpunct;
Numeric punctuation facet

The numpunct standard facet provides information about the format of punctuation marks for numbers and also the strings to represent the true and false boolean values.

The numpunct class template has a protected destructor: Programs shall only construct objects of derived classes, or use those installed in locale objects (through use_facet).

All standard locale objects support at least the following facet instantiations of the numpunct class template as part of the numeric category:
facets in locale objectsdescription
numpunct<char>narrow characters
numpunct<wchar_t>wide characters

Template parameters

Character type.
This is the type of the representation, not the type of the numerical value: the formatting information is common for all numeric types.
Aliased as member char_type.

Member types

member typedefinitiondescription
char_typeThe template parameter (charT)Character type
string_typebasic_string<charT>The type returned by members truename and falsename

Member constants

The class contains a public static constant of type locale::id that uniquely identifies facets with numpunct semantics.

Public member functions

Numerical format

Boolean values

Virtual protected member functions

The class defines the virtual protected members which implement the behavior by default of their respective member functions:

Along with the class destructor:


At least the following specializations of this template are provided in all library implementations: