class template


template <class charT, class InputIterator = istreambuf_iterator<charT> >
  class time_get_byname;
Facet to parse dates and times

The time_get_byname standard facet overrides time_get virtual members to implement its semantics for particular named locales.

Its public interface is the same as time_get's, except that its constructor takes an additional std_name argument:

explicit time_get_byname (const char* std_name, size_t refs = 0);

explicit time_get_byname (const char* std_name, size_t refs = 0);
explicit time_get_byname (const string& std_name, size_t refs = 0);

Where std_name is the name of a C locale. The C locales available depend on the system and library implementation, but at least the following are guaranteed to exist on all implementations:
locale namedescription
"C"Minimal "C" locale (the same as locale::classic)
""The environment's default locale


At least the following partial specializations of this template are provided in all library implementations:
template <class InputIterator> time_get_byname<char,InputIterator>
template <class InputIterator> time_get_byname<wchar_t,InputIterator>

Where InputIterator shall be a type that satisfies the requirements of an input iterator able to iterate over elements of the specified character type.