class template


template <class charT, class InputIterator = istreambuf_iterator<charT> >
  class time_get;
Facet to parse dates and times

The time_get standard facet parses sequences of characters to read date and time information and stores it into a tm structure.

The time_get class template has a protected destructor: Programs shall only construct objects of derived classes, or use those installed in locale objects (through use_facet).

All standard locale objects support at least the following facet instantiations of the time_get class template (as part of the time category):
facets in locale objectsnotes
time_get<char>narrow characters, for use with istream iterators
time_get<wchar_t>wide characters, for use with wistream iterators

Template parameters

Character type: the type of the characters in the sequence to interpret.
Aliased as member char_type.
Input iterator type that points to the elements in the character sequence to interpret.
Defaults to istreambuf_iterator, which is an iterator that can be implicitly converted from basic_istream objects.
Aliased as member iter_type.

Member types

member typedefinitiondescription
char_typeThe first template parameter (charT)Character type
iter_typeThe second template parameter (InputIterator)Iterator type.
Defaults to istreambuf_iterator<charT>
The class also inherits time_base::dateorder, which is used as the return type for member date_order.

Member constants

The following member constants are inherited from time_base (as labels of enum type time_base::dateorder); They are used as return values by certain member functions.
member constanttypevaluedescription
no_ordertime_base::dateorder0No specific order, or format contains variable components other than day, month and year.
dmytime_base::dateorder1day, month, year
mdytime_base::dateorder2month, day, year
ymdtime_base::dateorder3year, month, day
ydmtime_base::dateorder4year, day, month

The class also contains a public static constant of type locale::id, that uniquely identifies facets with time_get semantics.

Public member functions

Virtual protected member functions

The class defines the virtual protected members which implement the behavior by default of their respective public member functions:

Along with the class destructor:


At least the following specializations and partial specializations of this template are provided in all library implementations:
template <class InputIterator> time_get<char,InputIterator>
template <class InputIterator> time_get<wchar_t,InputIterator>

Where InputIterator shall be a type that satisfies the requirements of an input iterator able to iterate over elements of the specified character type.