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The Premier Flight school of Northern California

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Customer Feedback

We get these kind of letters and email all the time, but here are some of our more interesting ones

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I finished commercial multi-engline land course with Eric Baldacci in the Ahart. I am writing a letter to thank you for providing me the great flying environment and experience that I have enjoyed in this school. I believe coming to the Ahart was one of the best decisions that I have ever made because not only the staffs were nice but also most of instructors were perfectionist and knowledgeable. I can now apply for a job interview in Korea.

Hey Ahart,

Thanks for putting everything together and for the great flight today. You guys have an awesome team and fantastic setup and I look forward to flying out of Ahart whenever I'm up in the area. I appreciate you taking the time to fly with us.


A student from Japan wrote this note to Tim Machugh, our Part-141 chief instructor. It is incredible. Take a look here.

We Loved the 182! We had great fun. We brought back the plane safely and we'll go back home and tell all the flying people they should go to Ahart!

Regards, Mark

I too was a student at Ahart a few years ago, '06 to '07. We just bought our first aircraft, a 1969 172 and are having a great time living and flying in Mount Shasta(1O6). Thanks, as always, to my Ahart instructor for the excellent flight instruction. Also thanks to the owners and other instructors and office staff. I just flew my first EAA Young Eagles flights this weekend and the 9 kids were all smiles. I highly recommend Ahart to anyone considering flight training. Quality staff and service. Excellent value for your dollars.

Thanks Again!

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you and your team at Ahart. As you know, I started flying lessons mid January this year. My experience has exceeded my expectations and I attribute that experience to you and your staff. Everyone has been very professional, knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful. The commitment you personally have made to customer service (which I equate to customer experience) at Ahart is truly one to be admired. It is impressive in that you have clearly shared your vision and its importance with all of your staff and have been able to execute it at all levels. Congratulations!

I also want to acknowledge my instructor. I have recently taken lessons from them and they have been nothing short of amazing. Their approach to instruction has really impressed me. they are very clear and articulate in presenting new concepts and maneuvers (orally and in demonstration).

What has been a tremendous benefit is their analytical skills and attention to detail in identifying problems in my execution. They are very attentive to what I am doing (I can tell, because they take allot of notes!), the causes contributing to a given problem, change recommendations with supporting rationale which have been very effective and has made a remarkable difference in my progress in the short time they have been working with me. They pursue a problem with: I noticed you doing (observation) ... which is causing ... you may be doing it because of (analysis) .. .. try this (alternatives) .... because ... which will result in ... (correction rationale) ... AND, they do all of this in a very professional, calm and patient manner.

Again, congratulations! Wishing you many years of continued success.

Dear Ahart,

N169JP is awesome!. I Had a great flight down to Salinas yesterday/last night.

Just wanted to share with you my enthusiasm for flying the Arrow. The Garmin is awesome.

You need to know that your aircraft help me fullfill my passion for general avaition!

Dear Ahart, just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that I really liked your glass cockpit web link write-up about G1000 flying. Right on the point! I have seen complete failures in the early Boeing glass panels when all the screens went blank, fortunately whilst on takeoff in VFR conditions. As pointed out so well, all approaches with the exception of GPS MUST be by a raw data presentation appropriate to the approach in use, with the glass doing the backup and presenting the situation awareness in addition to the pilot's situation awareness.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I think your article went right to heart of the matter. Well done! This subject certainly needs more exposure and I'm glad your article is posted on the Ahart site for others to read.

“I just wanted to write an unsolicited email about the great experience I had with Ahart while earning my Commercial certificate. From start to finish in the training my instructor was easy to get along with, and fun to fly with. I felt they kept a perfect pace to my progress, and didn't under or over-prepare me for the checkride. One of his biggest assets, I observed, was that their own training was so fresh... so that they knew how to better teach and relay lessons to me.

I'm already setup to do a 182 checkout next week with the same instructor, and thinking about doing the G1000 check-out as well in the near future. I would highly recommend my instructor to other students and pilots... just as long as they don't book them completely on the schedule!!”

“Feedback? You want feedback???? Well, let me give you some. I learned to fly at Ahart. I have since moved on, as it seems most of your instructors have (As I only recognize 2 of them). Anyway, I wanted to say I have not visited the website for several months, if not years. I have to say you have done an excellent job. Whoever is paying you to do this site, got their monies worth.

Great job!”

“Hello everyone! I’m just home from my first day back at work, and I’m missing the California sunshine already. It is good to be back with my girlfriend Vicky, but I’m missing the Ahart team loads already, and I want to thank you for the time and effort that everyone put in for me. And a HUGE thanks to my instructor, because I really don’t think that any old instructor can teach someone how to fly in 3 weeks. Just like a man born in the same town as me, I won’t forget auld acquaintances for auld lang syne.”

“Just want to let you and others at Ahart know that my FAA exam went fine on Monday. Thank you for all of your assistance during my training so far. I will continue to fly at Ahart and will also be interested in learning the glass panel and the 182. Thanks to my instructors for their excellent advice during stage checks and others for their enlightened counsel and friendly encouragement.”