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Commercial Flight Course (Single Engine)

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a major step in an aviation career path. Once you have obtained your commercial license, you may fly passengers and cargo for hire. Not only are you now able to earn money flying, but through this license, you are recognized as being capable of greater levels of precision in the control of aircraft. Therefore, most of the Commercial training focuses on honing and perfecting your flying skills in various flight maneuvers. A Commercial Pilot Certificate is required for pilots seeking to become a Certified Flight Instructor. You will experience a great deal of personal satisfaction and enhanced safety in bringing your skills up to commercial standards.

While the FAA does not require a minimum number of training hours to obtain a Commercial Certificate, it does require a pilot to have logged minimum total of 250 flight hours at time of completion for this license.

Detailed Cost Break-out

Terms are payment in full (cash/check/charge card) upon completion of each lesson.
We accept VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover cards.