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Instrument Rating Ground Courses

Beginning Fall, 2012


Our popular Instrument Rating ground school will begin this fall and will last for 10 weeks.  This class will cover all aspects of instrument flying from instrument attitude flying to handling ATC clearances and approaches.  We have been operating these classes for many years and have had excellent results.  This class will not only cover what you need to know to fly safely, but will also help you in preparing for the FAA written examination.

Bill Komanetsky: Owner/Operator/Chief-Pilot will be teaching the class, which means it will happen no matter how many students are signed up (normally a minimum of six students need to be signed up).  Bill brings decades of teaching experience (flight/ground/university) to Ahart's curriculum, plus a real passion for flying!  You will learn everything there is to know about IFR flight and also, have a great time.  The course will be held two evenings a week from 5:30 until 7:30 PM.

Remember, if you have taken the IFR course with Ahart before (we hope you kept your receipt), you can sit in on the class at no extra cost to you!

The textbook and materials required for the course are:

  1. Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Manual
  2. Instrument Rating Written Test Guide
  3. FAR/AIM 2011

All of these materials are available through Ahart.

The classes will be held at Ahart and space is limited so sign up at the front desk as soon as possible!

Jeppesen Videos are available for use (free of charge) on the premises for all students enrolled in the ground school course. You may also attend future Instrument Ground Schools at no additional cost.

The FAA written test is available in our testing center for around $120 at the end of the course. For further information please contact our dispatch staff.

Course Tuition:  $325.00 Non-refundable ($500.00 for Part-141 students)

Starting Date:  This Fall!

Optional Materials (Highly Recommended)