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Diamond DA-42/NG Ground Course

One day (4-5 hours), September 16th

Our popular Diamond DA42/NG (originally Twinstar) is a complicated but exciting aircraft!  This ground school will allow you to understand the workings of the Diamond DA42/NG aircraft allowing for easier flying during your Twinstar training.  This class is also a requirement to fly in the Diamond DA42/NG at Ahart Aviation services (primarily because of insurance reasons).

The instructor for this class was trained by the Diamond factory and has a lot of experience and information about the aircraft.  You will surely learn more about the Diamond DA42/NG than you ever though you needed to know.

The materials required for the course are:

  1. Included class manual with all kinds of free checklists, procedures and diagrams (free)
  2. DA-42/NG Aircraft Flight Manual (included with course)
  3. DA-42/NG Checklist (included with course)

All of these materials are available through Ahart.

The class will be held at Ahart and space is limited so sign up at the front desk or call 925-449-2142 to reserve your spot today!

If you have already taken a previous DA42 ground course at Ahart, you can attend this one at no additional cost.  Just bring a copy of your receipt from the previous course and we'll be glad to teach you everything new about the DA42/NG.

Course Tuition:  $250.00 Non-refundable (does not include AFM)

Starting Date:  September 16th, 2012