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Welcome to Ahart Aviation Services

The Premier Flight school of Northern California

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FAA Computerized Testing Services

Along with our quality flight training and our excellent rates, we also offer LaserGrade computerized testing for all required FAA written exams.

Lasergrade/PSI (our testing service) has been changing prices recently because of FAA regulations and requirements changing so often. For the current price of each test, please contact the Ahart front desk.

What do I need to take a test at Ahart?

Ahart Aviation Services needs to abide by both FAA and Lasergrade requirements for people taking tests in our testing center. To this end, here is a list of things you may need, depending on your current status in this country.

If you are a U.S. Citizen

Resident Alien

To schedule an exam please contact the Ahart front desk at 925-449-2142
LaserGrade/PSI directly at 800-211-2754.