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Welcome to Ahart Aviation Services

The Premier Flight school of Northern California

In Remembrance of a, once, incredible flight school

Coming soon! A picture montage of the school. I have found a bunch of old pictures and slides which I will be scanning in and placing on the web site. (Posted June 29th, 2015)

Ahart Aviation Services was shut down by the new owners Minh Nguyen and Than Tran in mid-2014. The school was a pillar of general aviation between 1987 and 2013 that concentrated on High Quality education, safety, and customer satisfaction. The final owners (Minh and Than) ignored those values and let the company die a fast, painful death.

None of the content of this web site is current or accurate. The purpose of this web site is to make it possible to remember the school during its hay day and remind all who attended there how much their business meant to the first three owners. We (I can't talk for all of the owners, but I'm sure it's safe to say this) appreciate everything our great staff did (through June of 2013) to make the company the success it was.

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A discussion about Ahart's closing

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Ahart has been providing quality flight training and aviation services since 1985 and is a fully accredited and FAA approved/certified flight school. Located in the Livermore Valley, approximately 40 miles east of San Francisco, the Livermore Municipal Airport is a public airport with two parallel runways and instrument approaches (ILS and GPS-LNAV).

We provide the highest in quality flight training to both domestic and international student from (in alphabetical order) China, Egypt, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the UAE.


What's Going On?

Diamong DA42/NG Ground School Sunday, September 16th Cost: $250.00

Private Pilot Ground School Forming (late September/early October)

Tuesdays/Thursdays Cost: $325.00 ($500.00 for Part-141 students)
Instrument Rating Ground School Forming (Mid to late October) Mondays/Wednesdays Cost: $325.00 ($500.00 for Part-141 students)


Monday-Sunday: 8:00 am — 7:00 pm